Expanded metal is commonly used in automobiles for grille guards, pickup headache racks, speaker grilles, and other car parts, serving to protect key components effectively due to its sturdy structure. We can supply expanded metal tailored to various automotive applications to meet the needs of the automotive industry.

Automobile Grill

Automobile grilles, especially those for commercial vehicles and high-performance racing cars, are typically made from expanded aluminum metal. Their uniform, small openings prevent debris and small particles from entering the engine compartment while allowing air to flow through for efficient heat dissipation.


Material: Aluminum alloy

Hole pattern: Diamond, hexagonal, square

Opening size: 5×10 mm, 7×12 mm, 8×16 mm, 10×20 mm, 7×25 mm,

8×25 mm

Finish: Powder-coated, anodized

Speaker Grill

The car speaker grille is typically made of flattened small-hole expanded metal to provide excellent acoustic and decorative effects while protecting the internal drive elements of the speaker from external shocks.


Material: Carbon steel

Tickness: 0.5 mm

Mesh pattern: Diamond

Opening size: (SWD × LWD): 1.5 × 2.5 mm, 1.7 × 2.8 mm,

2.1 × 3 mm

Finish: Powder-coated


Popular Model
Here we showcase our common decorative mesh metal models. We can develop custom decorative mesh metal products tailored to your design concept to meet your specific requirements.