Expanded metal offers the best solutions for various engineering projects.

Expanded metal is a single-piece mesh material made from solid steel sheet after slitting and stretching. It's sturdy and durable, providing excellent load capacity and anti-slip performance. As a result, safe working conditions can be created for pedestrians and equipment. It is widely used in places like walkways, stair treads, greenhouse benches, trailer ramps, etc.

We can provide custom expanded metal solutions for your specific engineering projects to meet your application requirements.

  • Expanded metal walkways offer a safe passage for construction projects.

    Expanded metal walkways provide high load capacity and excellent anti-slip performance. Therefore, they are widely used in various industries to ensure safe passage for construction, transportation, and maintenance activities, such as on oil and gas platforms, offshore platforms, solar panel installations, roof platform systems, and more.

    We can supply expanded metal walkways made of aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and other materials. They are typically galvanized or powder-coated to enhance corrosion resistance and extend service life.

    Key features include:

  • Excellent anti-slip performance: The raised mesh surface increases the coefficient of friction between the sole and the walkway surface, preventing pedestrians from slipping and ensuring walking safety.
  • High load capacity: Made from thicker steel plates ranging from 3mm to 8mm without welded connections, which provides higher load capacity due to the wider mesh width and larger opening size.
  • Corrosion resistance: The galvanized or powder-coated surface provides excellent resistance to acids and bases.
  • Easy maintenance: The open design allows dirt, rain, and snow to fall off properly, reducing the frequency of cleaning and maintenance.
Stair Treads

Expanded metal stair treads provide safe steps for pedestrians.

Expanded metal stair treads offer excellent anti-slip performance and high load capacity, making them suitable for use in project construction, including movable stairs, fixed stairs, and spiral staircases. We can provide expanded metal stair treads that perfectly match your application environments to ensure safety protection for your construction workers.

Key features include:

  • Excellent anti-slip performance protects pedestrians from slipping and falling risks.
  • The sturdy structure provides high load capacity and strong, solid support.
  • Diamond-shaped openings help drain snow, water, oil, and liquids.
  • The unique surface structure effectively prevents the dazzling sensation when people look down from a high place.
Popular Model
Here we present our common decorative mesh metal models. We can also develop custom decorative mesh metal products to meet your specific requirements according to your design concept.