Sunshades make your room cooler and brighter.

To create a comfortable indoor environment, buildings typically have air conditioning systems inside. However, these systems often consume a lot of energy, so to reduce energy consumption, modern buildings usually have expanded metal sunshades installed. Expanded metal is an innovative shading material made from cut and stretched aluminum plates.

Its special 3D structure can effectively block strong, dazzling sunlight while its uniform openings allow for the free passage of fresh air, creating a cooler and more comfortable environment for people inside the building. Expanded metal sunshades are widely used in residential buildings, office buildings, stadiums, shopping centers, and more.

Sunshades make your room cooler and brighter.
Popular Sunshade Models
Here we present our common decorative expanded metal models. We can also develop custom decorative expanded metal products to meet your specific requirements according to your design concept.
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