Sunshades make your room cooler and brighter.

Eliminate the Heat and Save Energy with Expanded Metal Sunshades

These sunshades can make your room cooler and brighter to a great extent. With the help of air conditioning systems, the building can experience greater comfort in its indoor environment. But all these systems need high energy consumption. But to reduce this energy consumption problem Modern buildings are increasingly incorporating architectural sunscreens and expanded metal sunshades

Expanded metal is an innovative material for shading, cut and stretched aluminum plates; its special three-dimensional structure can effectively block the light dazzling sunlight, and its uniform opening allows fresh air to pass carefreely, thus the indoor environment will be much cooler and more comfortable for the people. The expanded metal sunshade is widely preferred for application in cutouts or stretched aluminum plates for shading. Expanded metal is available in various porous forms.

The Versatility of Expanded Metal Sunshades:

The versatility of expanded metal sunshades guarantees them a place in almost any architectural application. From homes and office buildings to large stadiums and otherwise busy shopping centers, expanded metal sunscreens provide a fine solution to problems associated with the control of light and heat.

Sunshades make your room cooler and brighter.
Popular Sunshade Models
Here we present our common decorative expanded metal models. We can also develop custom decorative expanded metal products to meet your specific requirements according to your design concept.
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