Safe & Stylish Expanded Metal Railings Can Expand Your Design Options

Expanded metal railings provide a complete mix of durability, safety, and aesthetics for your building.

They enjoy a robust construction making them perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

In addition to the Key benefits of expanded metal railings, they also offer:

Long Durability: Those railings can offer exceptional high corrosion resistance, making them ideal for harsh environments as they are anodized finishes or powder-coated.

Incomparable Security & Strength: Expanded metal's exclusive design offers high-impact resistance, ensuring the safety of the residents

Versatile & Modern Style: Available in different colors, hole patterns, and sizes, these railings complete any architectural style by adding a touch of novelty and elegance

 Better Airflow & Light : The open design it has allows for air and natural light circulation , providing a more visually appealing space and comfortable environment

 Easy Maintenance & Installation: Expanded metal railings are well-known for their simple installation and require minimal maintenance.

Safe & Stylish Expanded Metal Railings Can Expand Your Design Options
Popular Railing Models
Here we showcase our common decorative expanded metal models. We can also develop custom decorative expanded metal products to meet your specific requirements according to your design concept.
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