Security and Protection

The Best Expanded Metal Security and Protection Solutions

Expanded metal offers various cost-effective security and protection solutions. It possesses high strength, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance, and is primarily used to provide security protection for infrastructure and mechanical equipment. We can supply a wide range of expanded metal security fences, machine guards, and road barriers for security and protection applications.

Machine Security

Expanded metal machine guards provide a safe working environment for workers and ensure smooth production and higher productivity by keeping foreign objects out.

Safety is always a major concern, especially in the manufacturing industry. Operating equipment not only brings us economic benefits but also exposes operators to a hazardous working environment. Therefore, machine guarding becomes essential. Our expanded metal machine guards are primarily used in machine perimeter guarding and partial guarding. The protective surface is typically electrostatic powder coated in alarming colors like yellow and orange to reduce production accidents and ensure the personal safety of operators.



Economical and eco-friendly. Made from sturdy steel sheets after slitting and stretching, with no material wastage during production.

Visibility. Smooth openings allow for the free passage of air and light, enabling direct observation of equipment operation without removing machine guards.

Safety. The rigid structure and various opening sizes can effectively prevent fingers or body parts from coming into contact with hazardous components, ensuring the personal safety of operators.

Durability. The powder-coated surface provides enhanced corrosion resistance. Malleability. Can be cut, bent, and welded to meet the safety protection requirements of different machines.

Security Mesh

Expanded metal security fence, unlike other security fence products on the market (such as woven wire mesh fence and welded mesh fence), is made from a single piece of solid steel sheet using the slitting and stretching method. This special construction makes it so strong that it cannot be easily cut by ordinary tools used by unauthorized individuals. Additionally, its difficult-to-climb structure provides high security, making it widely used in applications such as roadway protection, construction sites, border security, and other security protection needs to safeguard facilities and personnel within the fence.



High strength. Made from a single piece of solid steel plate through slitting and stretching without welded connections, the unique opening structure provides excellent robustness and can withstand heavy impacts.

Resistance to cutting. It cannot be easily cut with common tools, delaying or even preventing unauthorized individuals from entering.

Visibility. The uniform openings allow clear visibility of the surroundings. Anti-climbing. The special opening structure prevents unauthorized individuals from finding footholds, thus preventing climbing or crossing over the fence.

Exceptional durability. After galvanization and powder coating, the expanded metal security fence will not easily rust even in rainy, humid, and other adverse weather conditions, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Popular Model
Here we showcase our common decorative mesh metal models. We can also develop custom decorative mesh metal products to meet your specific requirements according to your design concept.