Suspended Ceilings

Expanded metal ceiling is one of the indispensable materials in modern building design. It not only provides stunning visual effects but also offers practical functions such as fire resistance, heat insulation, noise absorption, and more. It is widely used in offices, libraries, shopping malls, airports, train stations, and other public buildings.

Typically made of aluminum alloy plates, it comes in various perforated patterns and sizes. Its powder-coated or anodized finish provides a uniform and attractive appearance.

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Suspended Ceilings
Popular Suspended Ceiling Models
Here, we are showcasing our common decorative expanded metal models. We can also develop custom decorative expanded metal products to meet your specific requirements according to your design concept.
Architectural Suspended Ceiling Systems
Hook-on System
Hook-on System
T24 Lay-in System
T24 Lay-in System
T24 Lay-on System
T24 Lay-on System
Hook-on System

The Hook-on system ceilings offer different appearances in design by extending beyond standard measurements in spaces. In the Hook-on system, concealed J carriers are locked vertically onto the main L carrier, allowing for the installation of plates hanging downward.

Due to the concealed J carrier system and the way panels join, Hook-on provides a natural, uninterrupted appearance. Its unique shape allows for easy installation and disassembly. Different dimensions can be used together. With the Hook-on System, realizing designs in custom-sized panels is much easier and safer.

  • Because it is a concealed system, Hook-on panels have a monolithic appearance.
  • Installation and disassembly are very easy.
  • It is also possible to have panels of different sizes in a single system.




T24 Lay-in System

The product is designed to be compatible with T-24 Lay-in (dropped) and ultraline channel systems. It comes in standard 600x600mm dimensions and can be easily installed. It's mostly preferred with small-eyed expanded metal mesh, which is typically produced in a cylindrical (rolled) form. These types of expanded metal mesh suspended ceilings are commonly used in airports and offices.

By using this product, you can achieve a stylish and effective visual appearance in the area while also providing ease of use. Known for its resistance to fire, the product can be disassembled after installation and used in another area.

Thanks to its special paint content, the product prevents the formation of bacteria, allowing for the creation of more hygienic spaces with high performance.

After use, easy access can be provided by removing the plates from the ceiling.

By opting for this product, which contributes to aesthetic integrity in use, you can benefit from these advantages. For prioritizing quality in product procurement and making a privileged choice, you can seek support from our company.



T24 Lay-on Sistemleri

The mesh products produced to fit standard T-24 Lay-on carriers are very easy to install. They are also very convenient for disassembly and reinstallation. They can be manufactured in standard sizes of 600x600 and 600x1200. Mesh suspended ceilings are the most commonly used type of expanded metal mesh.

The product, prepared to carry heavy loads, is also presented as an aesthetic solution with its appearance.


  • It allows easy disassembly for situations where access to the ceiling is required.
  • In addition to standard sizes and colors, it can be produced in RAL colors and different size options.
  • It is resistant to situations such as fire.
  • Being long-lasting and high-strength, it is an economical choice.
  • There is no drawback to making room for this preference in case of disassembly or replacement. The product can be disassembled and used in another area.
  • The product, prepared with a special paint system, offers high performance in preventing bacterial formation.
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