Expanded Metal Filtration


Small mesh expanded metal not only serves to protect and support non-woven fabrics, filter papers, and other filter media but also functions as the main filter material to remove foreign substances. It's an ideal choice for the filtration industry and widely used in air filtration, process water purification, paint filtration, oil filtration, and other areas.

Expanded metal for filtration is typically made from small mesh expanded metal. Through advanced shaping processes, it can be formed into conical, curved, cylindrical, and other shapes to meet the demands of various filtration applications.


Economical and eco-friendly: Expanded metal is made through slitting and stretching, resulting in no material waste during production, making it an excellent alternative to perforated metal.

Strong and durable: When air or liquid passes through filter elements under high operating pressure, the support layer remains robust and resistant to loosening.

Precise filtration: The aperture sizes of expanded metal can be customized according to the desired filtration grade to effectively remove specified solid particles.

Corrosion resistance: Hot-dip galvanized expanded metal surfaces do not facilitate rusting in acid and alkali filtration environments.


Expanded Metal Filtration
Perforated Metal Filtration

Perforated filters are utilized in various systems and by different consumer types. These metal structures are an ideal solution for keeping filter media clean and preventing unwanted contaminants from affecting light, liquid, and composite filtration systems.


  • Air systems, household systems utilize perforated metal filters to clean airflow from dust and particle pollutants in industrial environments to safeguard against potential harmful contaminants.
  • Liquid filtration systems employ perforated metal to filter water or other liquids through high-pressure mechanisms or vibrations while maintaining a stable structure. Perforated metal patterns ensure the filter remains stable while remaining efficient.
  • Filters can also be utilized in solid waste filtration. Perforated metal is resilient against damages that may arise from usage, making it suitable for devices and systems encountering solid debris particles, such as in the automotive and agricultural machinery industries.

ANB provides high-quality perforated metal filters for air, liquid, light, and solid filtration systems.

Perforated Metal Filtration
Popular Filtration Models
Here we showcase our common industrial expanded mesh and perforated metal models. We can also develop custom expanded mesh and perforated metal products to meet your specific requirements according to your design concept.