Expanded Metal: An Ideal Choice for Strengthening Building Structures

During the construction of high-rise buildings, civil structures, commercial complexes, and other significant edifices, overall stability and safety are crucial considerations. As a cost-effective building protection material, expanded metal is widely employed to enhance the general structure, prolong the service life of buildings, and ensure the safety of individuals by reinforcing building walls, roofs, bricks, and more.

Expanded Metal Lath

Expanded metal lath is commonly used as a foundation for plaster during construction to reinforce building walls. Its raised mesh surface enhances plaster adhesion and effectively prevents wall cracking caused by concrete or plaster shrinkage, thus improving building quality. It is widely applied on surfaces including concrete, brick, wood, plaster, and others. Our expanded metal lath is made from high-quality galvanized steel or stainless steel materials, providing excellent corrosion resistance.

Rabits Wire

Brick-reinforced expanded metal mesh is primarily used to reinforce the bricks around building door and window openings. Its purpose is to reduce damage caused by vibration and temperature changes, prevent cracking around door and window openings, and thereby enhance the overall structure of the wall. Our brick-reinforced expanded metal mesh is made from cut and stretched high-quality galvanized steel or stainless steel sheets. It is supplied in coils to facilitate ease of use for workers during construction.

Expanded Metal Gutter Guards

Expanded metal gutter guards are a type of gutter protection device. They are typically mounted on roofs to prevent fallen leaves, branches, and debris from clogging the gutters, ensuring timely drainage of water and preventing roof damage due to gutter blockages. Our standard expanded metal and flattened expanded metal gutter guards offer a cost-effective solution for gutter protection.

Expanded Metal Plasterboard Security Mesh

To prevent or delay unauthorized entry into a building, expanded metal is fixed into the interior of wooden or plaster walls. It is suitable for installation in facilities such as prisons, government offices, computer rooms, airport security areas, military facilities, or any building requiring strict security measures.

Popular Model
Here we showcase our common decorative mesh metal models. We can also develop custom decorative mesh metal products to meet your specific requirements based on your design concept.