As ANB Metal; The decorative metal panels we produce are extremely stylish and durable products. As the name implies, it is obtained by giving a series of decorative patterns and shapes on metal panels. Our decorative metal panels add a useful look as well as beauty and aesthetics in your projects and areas. 

As ANB Metal; We work with our expert team in the special design and production of laser cutting decorative metal panels for your projects and areas of use. All of our designs and products are built with a creative and innovative process based on years of experience and cooperation, and decorative metal panels are produced in the aesthetic and quality desired by our customers.


What Are The Materials Used In The Production Of Decorative Metal Panels?

Our panels are made from several different metals, including aliminum, copper and steel. We also offer wood panels for appropriate projects. Our team of professionals can work with you to pick the perfect material for your project.

Each ANB Metal’s decorative metal panels pattern is unique and desinged to aesthetically enhancee any space it occupies. The patterns, created by our team of desigers, can be used in either residential or commercial spaces.

We offer a wide varierity of finishes from metal panels to patina and powdercoats to withstand the harshest environments.

What Are the Usage Areas of Decorative Metal Panels? 

Our exclusive designs decorative metal panels feature in commercial environments, retail, hotels, bars, restaurant, offices as well as luxury residences and apartments. Decorative dividing partitions, suspended ceilings, balustrade and stairway infill, functional and attractive security screens, exterior facades and cladding, doors, landscape architecture, decorative art installations and corporate branding make for innovative interior design schemes. 

Why Do You Need To Choose Us?

  • We offer the best quality products at the best price in the market.
  • We provide national and international service.
  • We produce in accordance with high quality standards.
  • We make fast and high quality production.

Make your next artistic project shine and stand out with custom metal fabricated components from ANB Metal. Add value to your projects with the decorative metal panels we produce with our complete manufacturing capabilities. Contact us immediately for all your questions and requests.