Expanded metal and sheet metal products are also defined as an important complementary product in the field of construction and the construction market. Expanded metal sheets are used for many purposes in different fields. Owing to being a complementary product, expanded metal sheet is very advantageous in terms of decoration and is preferred in many areas. Also, it can be used even on the ceiling, thanks to its perforated sheet metal and its lightweight against its special design.


Expanded metal sheet, which has many different uses, is very important especially for the construction industry. This product, which is used in many areas of construction and construction markets, is a highly preferred product with its low cost and easy applicability. As ANB Metal, we shape and produce expanded metal sheets according to your wishes and the needs of your projects. You can contact our company for detailed information.

What is Expanded Metal?

Expanded metal, thy name is flattened expanded metal, is produced by elongating sheets. It is also known as a perforated sheet, a type of metal sheet with air and light permeability, stretched and machined to form a mesh pattern-like shape.

Expanded metal products are produced as follows; first, the raw material process is applied as hot, then cold rolling is done to obtain a more perfect and flat structure. The press applied to the sheet is obtained by giving it during the cold process. This pressing process on the sheet provides a more economical and easy application compared to other processes.

What are the Benefits of Expanded Metal Sheet?

The expanded metal sheet product is an expanded metal product consisting of strands and bonds, has a smooth surface, has the shape of a diamond pattern, and gets its name from the process of expanding the hot sheet material.

Expanded metal sheets are used in many different fields such as pipes in cabinet doors, special systems in facilities and truck safes. Products made of this flattened-expanded mild steel, which are easy to apply, fit your requirements, cost effective, are among the products that you can use for many decades.

Expanded Metal Sheet’s Usage Areas

Expanded sheet metal, which has an extremely wide area of use, is used in many different areas from the production of small products to large construction applications. It is also used in decoration and is preferred in production. It is used in many different areas due to its affordable price and wide usage area. Some of these are those;

- Heating and cooling systems,

- White goods sector,

- Stair structures,

- Elevator shafts,

- Truck bodies,

- Automotive industry,

- Garden fences,

- Sitting groups,

- Furniture and decoration applications.

Expanded Sheet Advantages

Expanded sheets, which have a very wide area of use, are a material that is always needed in the sector that is changing and developing every day. In addition to its usage advantages, its aesthetic and decorative appearance is among the reasons why expanded sheets are preferred.

Expanded sheets are both very durable and very light. This situation eliminates all the difficulties that may occur during transportation and even appears as a plus advantage.

In addition to these, you can create a special order according to your desire while purchasing expanded sheet and take advantage of purchasing according to your requirements and application

One of the most important features of the expanded sheet is that it is made of a single piece of metal. Moreover, when compared to general metal prices, the use of expanded sheet is an extremely suitable choice in the construction and application process.

Our company offers you a quality service in the production of expanded sheet metal, which has all these features, and attaches importance to customer satisfaction with its on-time delivery feature. You can get detailed information from our company.

How is Expanded Metal Produced?

Expanded metals, defined as plates or sheets, are metals produced by cutting and stretching into an expanded metal mesh. The metal is stretched, forming diamond-shaped openings patterns. It is produced by expanding metal types from many materials such as hot and cold rolled steel, aluminum carbon, cold reduced electro zinc or galvanised steel. Carbon steel expanded metal is another type of this metal.

All rows and columns are completed in the same order, adhering to the mesh pattern. Raised mesh is produced in the desired dimensions in accordance with the project. From the refraction of outdoor light to the weather, water and similar natural processes affecting the expanded metal are reviewed and production is made accordingly.

How expanded metal is expanded is a matter of curiosity. An expanding machine is used for this process. With this device, sheets of solid metal are converted into a metal mesh. By applying pressure to heavy duty processes, cutting and stretching are performed in this simultaneous application.

With this process, the blades create slits and stress builds up on the metal. Thanks to this stretching, homogeneous holes begin to form. In this way, perforated patterns are formed in the same order.

The most important stage in the production of expanded metal is to wrap it in coils after the expansion is finished. Thus, the application is completed. Production can also be completed by cutting into sheets instead of wrapping them in bobbins.

Expanded metals can be produced in different thicknesses upon request. Its width can be adjusted according to the project, it is not based on a fixed size. As ANB Metal, we don’t just sell products, we produce expanded metals according to your wishes and your exact requirements.

The Importance of Expanded Metal

Expanded metal is an important complementary product in the construction and construction market. They are used for many different purposes in many different fields. It is also very advantageous from a decorative point of view. Being perforated sheet metal, having a special design, and having a light weight make it suitable for use even on ceilings.

Today, it has a wide usage area, especially in the construction industry. No matter what area it is used in, it will provide you with great convenience with its quality and dimensions that can be adjusted according to your needs. Expanded metal sheet, which draws attention with its wide usage area, size and weight, is a highly preferred product.

In addition to all these technical features, it can also be prepared in different colors. Thus, together with its decorative feature, you can benefit from both its height and its flexible structure. The fact that it can be flexibly adjusted not only affects prices, but also brings direct economic solutions. Thus, it reaches a qualified usability on walls, exteriors and ceilings.

Extended sheets, which provide a long-lasting use due to being light, decorative, safe and useful, also provide an easy use for cleaning and maintenance. These products, which are made simply, are very important due to their durable structures and economical prices.

Expanded Sheet Purchase Operations

Although it is known as expanded sheet, this product, which is also expressed as stretched sheet, has been an advantageous option by using it in the construction of many buildings and structures. You can place your order now to have this product, which is also used as a building material, with ANB Metal quality. Expanded metal is on our product list and we supply it with quality production.

Our company, which has the product supply you want, offers you quality products. If you want to find a product named expanded metal, you can learn the product details by contacting.

As ANB Metal, with years of experience, pattern product and application development and product that fits, it fits to your requirements and raises the standards. We produce expanded metal gratings as flattened meshes as a complete patterned product with the standard raised, standard expanded production.

We are aware that we produce materials that are used at the basis of people's lives, so we pay great attention to our work. As in all our products, our first criterion is to pay attention to quality in our metal sheets.

Apart from the attention we show to quality, we also pay attention to your needs and special production for your project. You can contact us for an affordable expanded metal sheet that is suitable for your project and what you want. We promise to manufacture in the size, material and color you want.

With our presence in Turkey as Ceylanlar Metal, we continue our presence abroad as ANB Metal. With the justified pride of producing for different countries, we keep up with the developing and changing world technologies and carry you ahead of the era. In particular, we produce expanded metal sheets, one of the most important parts of the construction industry, for you.

We and our application development team are happy to work with you. You can also contact ANB Metal for your expanded metal sheet and all other metal needs.