As ANB Metal; As in all of our products, exterior decorative metal panels are produced using standard size molds. exterior decorative metal panels can be produced in sizes suitable for your project and custom sizes.

Our exterior decorative metal panels are available in hard and soft versions and are produced from highly durable materials. You can easily apply even the most difficult designs you use in your project, thanks to our products. exterior  decorative panel models can be adhered to the exterior area where they will be used, as well as metal, etc. It can be screwed to surfaces.

Our exterior decorative metal panels are produced from metal panels with a hardness between 180-200. It has superior fire resistance and we have all the necessary documents for the export of our products, especially to European countries. Our decorative metals, which can be produced in desired patterns and sizes, are produced by laser cut from metal panels. Our products fit perfectly with your projects. Our products; They are the most useful exterior decorative metal panel materials in the world due to their light, durable and easy application. 

In our exterior  decorative metal panels; galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet and stainless steel are used in different forms and options. Depending on the purpose of use and insulation requirement of the insulation material used in the panel; It is Polyurethane (PUR), Polyisocyanate (PIR) and Rockwool. These materials are the most used filling materials in exterior  decorative metal panels.

We offer quality and aesthetically satisfying exterior decorative metal panels that we produce in our company to our valued customers.

You can request the most suitable price information by examining the relevant product models on our website and sending us the product and model you are interested in.

All decorative exterior metal panel applications made are your reference as you are, we are always with you before and after the project.