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Facade Systems

The process of covering the outer surfaces of buildings with materials such as panels, auxiliary elements and glass is called facade systems. Facade systems are made of many different materials with the development of technology and production techniques.

We can say that the facade systems that make the buildings the most modern and special are metal facade systems. Even in metal facade systems, very different applications are made in their own categories. Metal facade systems offer a wide variety.

The first visible surfaces of the buildings are exterior facades. Facade systems have been developed in modern architecture to make the buildings more aesthetic and attractive. Facade systems offer a wide variety according to the material used and the mounting method on exterior walling systems.

Facade Systems Perforated Plates

Modern materials are used more when designing facade systems. The building always looks new thanks to these systems even after years. Perforated sheets are metallic sheets with holes, especially in square, round, diamond like patterns. Perforated sheets used in facade coatings are very suitable for efficient solar energy.

Perforated sheet systems are generally needed as secondary facade elements. Perforated sheets to be used on the exterior are in good harmony with other exterior walling systems. These plates can be  used alone on all building facades, as well as among other systems or in one part. In this context, they provide a wide variety of design models.

These plates are manufactured using high tonnage modern presses. The diameters, hole shapes, hole arrangement, geometric designs of these presses are determined and applied by pressing on the plate.

Facade System with Expanded Metal Mesh

In recent years, mesh elements are used in many different areas thanks to the ease of use and flexibility they provide. It is possible to see expanded metal mesh in many areas from office materials to suspended ceiling systems, from decor products to screens.

The main reason for choosing expanded metal meshes is that they are light, robust, aesthetic and maintenance free.

Mesh facade systems are made for decorative, ventilation or shading purposes. Exterior part of the building with the expanded mesh looks always modern and new. It does not always need maintenance, cleaning or painting. 

Metal mesh panels can be used alone on the facade. The building can be covered completely with these elements after wall infilling and plaster are applied.  

Buildings using mesh elements as a facade system have a much more aesthetic and modern appearance than buildings using plaster paint. Coating can be made with mesh panels on different exterior facede systems.

Mesh panels can be attached to catwalk fronts or directly to facade carriers. Mesh applications can create original designs.

Facade Systems with Aluminum Plates

Aluminum facade systems have hundreds of alternatives in different textures and colors. The biggest advantage of aluminum facade systems to the building is insulation. Aluminum facade systems protect the building very well against adverse weather conditions.

In addition, aluminum facade systems are very effective in sound insulation. It does not allow the noise coming from outside to the building to enter. This provides a more peaceful working and living environment in the building.

Advantages of Metal Facade Systems

Metal facade cladding systems are more durable than other facade systems.

These facade systems do not require frequent maintenance. Metal coating systems do not need any maintenance for many years while plastered facade systems may require painting or modification periodically.

There is no paint cost for the building, both in the construction phase and in the following years. Buildings look cleaner thanks to metal facade systems.

Any necessary renovation is easier than metal facade systems. Contact our customer service for more information about our facade systems.

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