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Hook-on is one of the most common carrier system models where expanded metal mesh is applied. The carrier system consists of L and Z special carriers. It can be produced in different sizes and eye openings upon request; is the most preferred expanded metal mesh suspended ceiling type with its special casing structure. The mesh can be located outside or inside the casing. For mesh outside the casing, the dimensions vary according to the mesh size. Different mesh types, sizes and shapes create different design opportunities. It is the most preferred mesh ceiling type with its different design capability.

Kind of Material Paint Width - Length Diamond Size Frame Detail

Mild Steel,Galvanized


Standardral boya veya Özel boya

600×600 600×1200 ve özel ölçü

8x16x1x2, 8x20x1x2, 10x20x1x2, 12x30x1x2,14x42x1x2,5,20x40x1 Hook–on Kasa
8x16x1x2 %50 Open Area
8X20X1X2 %50 Open Area
10X20X1X2 %60 Open Area
12X30X1X2 %66 Open Area
14X42X1X2,5 %64 Open Area
20X40X1X3 %70 Open Area
23X62X1X4 %65 Open Area
25X75X1X5 %60 Open Area
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