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As ANB Metal; With our long years of expertise and understanding of quality, we produce filter, culvert, aspirator filter, basket, heather, louver grid wire, plaster wire, walkway, ironing table, chair, office supplements, table, containment and garbage bin in the field of industrial applications. We produce our products for industrial applications with high quality and first class workmanship and design them according to the projects and needs of our customers.

Today metal mesh used in different sectors, are also frequently used as a material preferably a product in the field of industrial applications. In general, metal mesh is often preferred in the industry for filter and protection purposes.

ANB Metal, which provides industrial metal applications, produces metal mesh in various styles for industrial applications. The company, which has preserved its place in the sector for many years and has developed itself with years of experience, provides services to its customers in the industrial field.

What Are The Production Features Of Industrial Applications?

As ANB Metal, it produces durable and high quality industrial metal products in order to provide the best service to our customers. Before starting the production phase, we meet with our customers and get information about their requests and usage areas.

The requests of our customers are carefully examined and production preparations begin with care.

During the production phase, each product is produced with care and love. After the products are produced, they are now prepared and delivered to the customer.

Industrial metal products purchased from our company provide a budget-friendly service to the customer. Because it can be used easily for years.

What Are The Materials Used In Industrial Applications?

As ANB Metal; We produce weather-resistant industrial metal applications according to the projects and requests of our customers. Our products are malleable and ductile, corrosion resistant, stainless steel, alloy steels, carbon steel, precious metals and titanium alloys.

Our products; It is used in almost all industrial areas as well as in the electronics industry and aerospace industry. 

We produce solid and high quality, you can review this product on our website, which is also perfectly suitable for use in outdoor environments.

Why Should You Choose Us In Industrial Metal Applications?

Especially in this product group, we focus on 4 main issues to create value for our customers:

  • With supply chain management, we meticulously make our raw material and production planning so that our customers can reach the products they demand in the fastest way.
  • We strive for our customers to grow their business and find new opportunities, and we develop our projects by working with R&D departments.
  • No matter what problem our customers are experiencing, we do not leave them unsolved, and we take the necessary precautions without delay.
  • We take care of our customers' interests and improve our manufacturing processes for their benefit with our expertise and continuous technical support.

The industrial metal applications that we designed for your safety are produced in high quality standards and promise the comfort of use for many years with its durable structure. These highly decorative designs create effective touches in your outdoor spaces with their aesthetic form. You can visit our page to get detailed information about price and variety. You can contact our company immediately to achieve safe and modern products.

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