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As ANB Metal; With our long years of expertise and understanding of quality, we produce expanded metal mesh, expanded metal mesh grill, plaster wire (rabitz wire), micro expanded metal mesh, wire mesh product

 and perforated metal sheets. We use expanded metal mesh and perforated sheet metals in our products that we produce for use in industrial areas. Its perforated size is the most common among industrial products thanks to its semi-permeability.

As ANB Metal; we provide industrial metal products with metal mesh in various and weave styles for industrial applications. The company, which has preserved its place in the sector for many years and has developed itself with years of experience, provides services to its customers in the industrial field.

What Are The Production Features Of Industrial Products?

As ANB Metal, it produces durable and high quality industrial metal products in order to provide the best service to our customers. Before starting the production phase, we meet with our customers and get information about their requests and usage areas. 

You can also choose our company in order to reliably reach the expanded metal mesh models, each of which is designed to world quality standards. While we offer you environmentally friendly products, we do not neglect to provide support before and after the service.

Our industrial products, which provide a perfect result in any place, can be produced using many different metal materials such as steel mesh, wire cloth, stainless steel, industrial metal, woven wire mesh.

What Are the Usage Areas of Industrial Products?

Our industrial products are a large-scale product that the company produces in various ways. The advantages of the product include offering an aesthetic appearance and providing air flow.

Another product frequently preferred by the industry is micro expanded metal mesh. This product, which has a variety of usage areas, is especially preferred in filtering processes. This product, which is also preferred as a suspended ceiling, is also used in various industrial products. Among the advantages of the product is that it is very useful in the filtering process due to its thinness.

Another product preferred among industrial mesh applications is perforated sheet. Perforated sheets produced in different shapes have many industrial uses. Perforated sheets that can be used in metal sign making also have filtering properties. Perforated sheets provide advantages in many sectors of the industry in terms of variety.

The metal mesh grille produced by the company is another product used in the industry. This type of grille, which can be preferred in many areas, is generally used in the front of the vehicles. Among its advantages, this product, which adds a sporty look to the vehicle, provides an aesthetic touch.

Another product that takes place among the industrial mesh applications is plaster wire. The plaster wire produced by the company in 2 different ways is a product placed between the bricks. Plaster wire is put on the brick and then plaster is applied. This is an important factor in terms of durability.

Why Should You Choose Us In Industrial Metal Applications?

  • We offer the best quality products at the best price in the market.
  • We provide national and international service.
  • We produce in accordance with high quality standards.
  • We make fast and high quality production. 

The industrial products that we designed for your safety are produced in high quality standards and promise the comfort of use for many years with its durable structure. These highly decorative designs create effective touches in your industrial spaces with their aesthetic form.

You can visit our page to get detailed information about price and variety. You can contact our company immediately to achieve safe and modern products for a wide range.

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