Metals are one of the most used materials in the design and construction of buildings today. Metals are one of the most preferred building products due to this modern appearance it brings to buildings. Many types of metals, especially aluminum and steel, are used in building constructions.


Metallic coating in architecture is the most preferred coating method in modern buildings. Metal coatings look much more aesthetic than other coating methods. In addition to the aesthetic appearance it gives to buildings, metallic surfaces also have many advantages in terms of use.

Advantages Of Metallic Coatings

Metallic coatings have many advantages both during and after construction. Metal surfaces are suitable for different designs as they are in pieces. Almost all designs that you or your architects desire can be easily made with metal coating pieces.  

Metal coatings also provide great convenience in any renovation requirement. To repair an electric cable, it is necessary to break a cement wall and rebuild it. However, you can remove metal parts on a wall with metallic finishes. This process does not cause any pollution inside or outside the building. you do not have to pay a fee to the masters for such an easy renovation.

Metallic coating systems take less time than other coating systems. It is easier to produce and install on the building than other coating systems. Because they are light, their transportation is easy and low cost. You do not need to replace very large parts in case of any damage.

Architectural coatings used indoors are also advantageous in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Metallic coatings can be used indoors as wall and ceiling coverings. One of the biggest challenges in maintaining cement ceilings is painting. It is necessary to renew the ceiling paint, which has lost its color after a certain period of time. However, it is sufficient to wipe a metal-coated ceiling with a cloth. As this process is quite simple, you don't need a master.

Metal coatings have a rich choice thanks to developing technology and techniques. Metal coatings are no longer just gray. Metallic finishes can be produced in many different colors. They can be painted in different colors afterwards. Painting is also easier and cheaper than other surfaces. 

Anyone paints coatings easily. You can make your color selection with the help of rich color palettes. If you wish, you can even add shine to your surfaces thanks to metallic flakes. Metallic flakes add a shine that is not available in other coating systems. This is one of the most distinctive features of metallic coatings in architecture.

Metal coatings provide great protection against ultraviolet rays, especially on exterior coatings. Thanks to its high performance, the buildings are more environmentally friendly and more suitable for human health.

Usage Areas Of Metallic Coatings

The decoration concepts in living spaces are always full of different details. New ideas are created both indoors and outdoors by the combination of different criteria. These criteria consist of personal tastes, view of life, daily routines and perception of beauty.

Metal forms, with a variety of materials such as iron, steel, wrought iron, galvanized, aluminum, copper, silver, have been more preferred in recent years according to their color and appearance. Metal forms have a variety of materials such as iron, steel, galvanized, aluminum, copper, silver. However, they are one of the building products that have been preferred according to their color and appearance in recent years.

You can choose them for siding, roofing and ceiling covering according to your taste and view of life. Do not forget that you will have great advantages if you prefer metallic coating systems. Metallic surfaces are used in furniture and decoration as well as wall coatings.

The use of metal in architecture used to be considered with industrial designs. It is complementary to every point of view such as rustic look or minimalist stance. Metal decoration products, which give a stylish and spacious feeling, can be used in every detail thanks to their easy formability. This expands your area of choice and promises you freedom.

What Does Anb Metal Do?

We produce metallic coatings in architecture using advanced technology. We use some production techniques to ensure high performance of our products. The technique we use the most is extrusion. 

Extrusion is a process used to coat materials with a thin layer of plastic using heat and pressure. We expand the metal profile that we removed from the press and cut it to the desired size. We harden these profiles by applying heat treatment. We apply a test of time and durability to our products. We produce solid, semi-hollow and hollow products with this method. 

We deliver the products we produce to our customers thanks to our wide service and transport network. Contact our customer service for more information about our products.