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Micro Expanded Metal Mesh

Micro Expanded Metal Mesh
Kind of Material Short Way x Long Way(mm) Thickness(mm) Strand Width(mm) Width-Length(mm) Weight (kg/m2) Open Area
Mild Steel,Stainless 1×1,5mm 0,3 mm 0,35 mm 500mm 1,649kg/m2 %30
Mild Steel,,Stainless 1,5×2,5mm 0,3 mm 0,45 mm 500mm 1,413kg/m2 %54
Mild Steel 1,8X3mm 0,5 mm 1,19 mm 1000x15000mm 1,800g/m2 %30
Stainless 1,8X3mm 0,4 mm 0,41 mm 345x10000mm 1,400kg/m2 %55
Stainless 2x4mm 0,4 mm 0,45 mm 1000x10000mm 1,800kg/m2 %54
Mild Steel,Galvanized 2x4mm 0,5 mm 0,46mm 1200x10000mm 1,800kg/m2 %54
Mild Steel,Galvanized 3x6mm 0,5 mm 0,70mm 1200x15000mm 1,800kg/m2 %62
Stainless 3x6mm 0,5 mm 0,70 mm 1000x15000mm 1,800kg/m2 %62
Aluminum 3x6mm 0,5 mm 0,70 mm 1200x30000mm 0,700kg/m2 %48

Micro expanded metal mesh products, which can be used for many different purposes in the industrial field, especially air and oil filters and copper coils, stand out with their high strength properties. These products, which can be produced in the accompany of rhombic, hexagonal, square or different shaped eye measurements and can be prepared by using different materials.

The most commonly used materials in production are iron, stainless steel, aluminum, peralumen, brass, copper, plastic. Production can also be carried out using a different material in accordance with the needs. Extremely durable, liquid, air and gas permeability characteristics offer a wide range area of use for these products.

You can examine the micro expanded metal mesh product models in our website in detail and you can reach all technical characteristics about the products easily. You can make a choice by looking at the technical characteristics such as material used in production, distance between centers, hole diameter, width and length, dimension information, open area and weight and you can contact us immediately for information about application systems.

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