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Plaster Wire (Rabitz Wire)

It is manufactured by cutting part slits on the metal part.

General use: It is used to reduce the surface tension and prevent later cracks. It consists of expanded metal according to the nature and thickness of the mortar to be applied.

Scope of application:

- Ventilation Systems

- Air Filters

- Auto Supply Industry

- Artificial Rock and Waterfalls

- Walking Platforms

- Decoration

- It is also used in raft foundations with a large area (which cannot be poured in one time), cold joint areas and many similar places.

It is the wire that must be applied on the channel if the thickness of the screed is thin in underfloor, channel manufacturing. The other term is thin cage wire.

The expanded metal plaster mesh is also a reinforcing material that we can often find in interior decoration, which is formed by cutting and stretching, so that it without bends or welds, and it is basically no loss in the production process so that cost savings.

In addition, the ribbed surface makes it has the max adhesion, so it can be used in many different kinds of surface, such as concrete, brick, wood, or even plaster ceilings, but it must be fixed with nails to ensure the plastering easier.

Plaster mesh normally used for internal and external plastering, it also actively used in the production of self-leveling floors, installation of thermal insulation and acoustic insulation materials, waterproofing, separation of heterogeneous layers and the junction of the walls doorframes. Plastering mesh is used to protect the facades of buildings and structures.

Expanded metal mesh is most used as a reinforcing material in the interior decoration, and especially when the plastering work, so sometimes referred to as stucco netting. It is manufactured from sheet steel blade which cuts through and uniformly stretched in cells having a diamond shape. So, it has no bends or welds, and is very strong and durable, with a low weight. The ribbed surface makes it has the max. adhesion.

When plastering walls it is used to keep the surface from cracking arising from temperature extremes and humidity fluctuations. It can be used for absolutely all surfaces of concrete and brick to wood, and even plaster ceilings. It must be mounted on a solid dowel-nails or anchor bolts to hold the work was easier.

You can examine the product models suitable for use in all kinds of outdoor plaster works on our website right now. We also provide you with information on hole diameters, distance between centers, width and length dimensions, weights, thicknesses and open areas so that you can easily find the product model that best meets your needs. You can call us for more information.

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