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Suspended Ceiling Systems

Suspended ceilings are preferred by many people and companies thanks to the advantages they provide. Suspended ceilings are one of the building elements suitable for use in both residences and offices. Metal suspended ceilings have been the most preferred model among suspended ceiling models in recent years.

We can say that the most preferred models among metal suspended ceilings are grid suspended ceiling systems. Grid suspended ceiling systems have many advantages compared to other ceiling solutions.

Advantages of Grid Suspended Ceiling Systems

The biggest reason why suspended ceilings are so preferred among ceiling solutions is undoubtedly its cost. Metal suspended ceilings provide a very good modern look at very low cost. Other ceiling systems with higher price, do not add a modern look to the space as much as grid ceiling systems.

Another advantage of metal suspended ceilings is the ease of maintenance and modification they provide. In most of the new buildings, installation elements such as electrical cables and air conditioning pipes are mounted on suspended ceilings without disturbing the aesthetics. It is very easy to intervene in any negative situation in these installation elements in suspended ceilings.

In time, deformation may occur on the layers or laths of the suspended ceiling system due to the reasons caused by lights or cables. These deformations are usually caused by the explosion of the light bulb or the burning of the cables. In such a case, only the deformed sheet can be replaced. It is not necessary to repair the ceiling completely.

Very frequent changes are made especially in shopping centers and offices. Companies or people who have moved to the building want to carry their special designs to their working environment. In such cases, ceiling systems are also changed. Installation is quick and easy in metal suspended ceiling systems.

Another advantage of grid suspended ceilings for structures that change their decor very often is the adjustment of the ceiling height. The ceiling height can be easily adjusted lower or higher since the installation of metal suspended ceilings is quite simple.

Grid suspended ceiling systems provide a great advantage in cleaning. Unlike fixed installation suspended ceiling models, you can easily remove the grid suspended ceiling panels and clean them. A damp cleaning cloth is all you need to clean the panels. You don't need any chemicals or dyes.

Suspended Ceiling System Prices

There are many factors affecting the prices of metal suspended ceiling systems.

At first you should pay attention to your company preference when you choose suspended ceiling systems. The best indicator that shows the quality of work of companies in the construction sector is their previous works. You should look at their other works, if you find the company on the advice ofone of your acquaintances.

The most important factor affecting suspended ceiling systems prices is the quality and weight of the material used. Material quality in metal suspended ceilings can be understood according to the average weight of the metal per square meter.

The pattern and model of the suspended ceiling system can also affect the suspended ceiling price.

The price may also change if the ceiling on which the suspended ceiling will be mounted requires extra operations. The price of the suspended ceiling system may be a bit higher, as the extra processes increase the workmanship cost.

Let different companies see your residence or workplace where you will have a suspended ceiling. So you can create an average cost in your mind.

As Anb Metal, we have been offering our customers modern suspended ceiling models at the most affordable price for years. we can offer hundreds of references to our customers with our experienced team in suspended ceiling systems.

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