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Mesh products manufactured in accordance with Standard T-24 Lay-on carriers are very easy to assemble. Very convenient for dismantling and reinstalling can be produced in standard sizes of 600×600 and 600×1200. The most widely used type of expanded metal mesh suspended ceiling.

Kind of Material Paint Width - Length Diamond Size Frame Detail
Mild Steel,Galvanized

Standard ral boya (White ,Black) veya Özel boya 600×600,600×1200 8x16x1x2,8x20x1x2,10x20x1x2,12x30x1x2,
Kenar U çıtalı
8x16x1x2 %50 Open Area
8x20x1x2 %50 Open Area
10x20x1x2 %60 Open Area
12x30x1x2 %66 Open Area
14x42x1x2,5 %64 Open Area
20x40x1x3 %70 Open Area
23x62x1x4 %65 Open Area
25x75x1x5 %60 Open Area
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