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The expanded metal mesh product range is extremely durable and can meet the requirements of many different applications. Product models can be easily used in the production of walkway systems and escalator systems. It has high resistance to corrosion and can be easily used in outdoor environments. 

Metal stair treads are extremely reliable and robust. Protected against corrosion. Compatible with harsh weather conditions. It has a modern structure that will adapt to any environment. It stands out with its stylish appearance. You can use it for many years.

Expanded Metal Walkway Uses

Expanded metal crossovers are used in many places. Examples of these : Industrial Facilities, On platforms and railing, Crushing, Screening Facilities, Cement Industry, Ship Industry, In Environmental Regulation,  As railing on overpasses , In the construction industry, Sports facilities...

In places that require protection and security, you can use expanded metal products with peace of mind. Reliable with high quality and durability.

The serrated surface is designed in an open diamond pattern. This allows the discharge of liquids, sludge, sawdust and other accident-causing debris.Can be produced by request . It can be cut or bent in any size . It adapts to different floor and anti-slip requirements.   Ideal for wet or dry conditions where resistance to slip is high… 

As Anb metal , we produce many products for industrial applications, including metal walkway, steel walkway, stair treads, walkway channels and flat plate flooring.

With slip resistance, good air circulation , easy installation, Metal product crossovers offer high quality, durability and long time use.

Bar Grating

Bar  grating is an ideal choice for a variety of projects, from trenches and stair treads to decking and steel floors. Used as a Metal grating, bar grating covers open areas that require light, liquid, air, heat and sound to switch.

We shape bearing bars provide lighter weight when the strength is equal to the rectangular bar steel grating. Bar steel gratings are suitable for both commercial and industrial applications.It offers lighter weight and high strength.Carbon steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel material options are available. Ideal for both commercial and industrial applications.

Advantages Of Bar Grills

Light weight as loads are equal to standard welded grids.

Carbon steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel grating for choice.

Serrated or serrated grating for different slip resistance applications.

Range of bearing loads for light and heavy duty applications such as platform or walkway grates.Efficient production with expert staff.

Expanded Metal Grating

Expanded metals are products with a wide range of uses due to the different raw materials used in their production and technical flexibility. It can be used in many areas, such as long security fences, screening facilities, concrete wall supports, window protectors, walkways.

We always offer maximum quality and durability in mesh grating varieties. In this regard, the mesh grids we produce have a certain level of adaptation for each project with different types and structural characteristics. If we classify these products as a breed, their varieties, consisting of stainless steel and aluminum materials, are extremely durable products.

At the same time, after the product is subjected to galvanizing treatment, mesh grids with superior strength performance have the advantage of using for many years.

Metal cages are used in many fields . Facade cladding is generally preferred in areas such as ceiling systems. In this context, as anb metal, we offer professional solutions to your needs with expanded metal mesh grids.

With these products that we use in facade cladding, we offer our customers a much more modern look, while also providing durability.Ceiling systems, which are the uses of mesh grating, can achieve a much brighter and wider environment. Metal cages have high impact resistance,   have maximum strength.

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