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Perforated Metal Sheet

As ANB Metal, we produce metal sheets as perforated by punching normal flat metal sheets that in a certain order within the scope of both superficiality and usability. When the perforated metal sheets are considered in general terms, they are used actively in various areas such as filtering as well as air conditioning as they can allow the passage of water or air. Perforated metal sheets that we produce from metal and galvanized steel attract attention with their light and thin structures.

The perforated sheet models produced by our company have different types such as cold rolled steel and stainless steel. Our metal perforated sheet models we produce stand out with their unique and remarkable hole patterns. Our perforated metal sheets, which we produce in desired and different shapes and sizes, are very popular with their maximum strength and high weight ratios. The products we produce are highly aesthetically attractive and
functionally versatile. With our knowledge, expert staff and experience, these types of sheet metal models are easy to produce.

Perforated sheet metal panels, which we produce from metal sheets, stand out with their aesthetically unique and impressive appearance, as well as the high strength of the materials we use in the production of perforated sheet metal. The holes used in our products increase the resistance you need and at the same time offer air and light transmittance. In addition, as the holes on our perforated sheet models allow the passage of gases and liquids, it causes more demand for perforated sheet materials in industrial areas.

What Are The Types Of Perforated Metal Sheets?

Hexagonal perforated sheet
Imported perforated sheet
Square perforated sheet
Oval perforated sheet
Reverse sheet perforated sheet
Trieur sheet perforated sheet
Domestic perforated sheet

Perforated metal sheet types; It is a very suitable material for ventilation systems, speakers and heating systems. In addition to all these, it can be used for non-decorative purposes such as fire escapes.

When you ordering perforated metal sheets from us, you can order in every sizes you want depending on your open area of use. We can produce it in the shapes and sizes you want according to your project or your wishes. Perforated metal sheets can also be produced with steel and aluminum, and these aluminum sheets are very easy to transport due to their light weight.

The holes on the perforated metal sheets can also be arranged horizontally or vertically as you want. It is known that steel sheets are more durable and stronger than aluminum sheets.

What Are the Usage Areas of Perforated Metal Sheets?

As ANB Metal; We produce perforated sheets with aesthetic and remarkable appearance by carrying all the needs and requests of our valued customers to a functional and high quality level of functionality. We produce and present decorative perforated metal sheets by shaping our perforated metal sheet
models with straight and round holes in stages and optionally as round and semi-round holes.

Our perforated metal sheets, which are generally used to making in the production of metal sheets and in the production of metal form panels, are also used as a filter in air conditioning , balustrade infill and ventilation areas.

Our perforated metal decorative sheets, which have an extremely practical structure, are also evaluated and used in architectural applications due to
these features. With its strong and strong structure, it is also very common to use perforated sheets that we produce for precautionary purposes as guardrail filling in barriers and open areas in the security sector. Our perforated sheets metal range that we produce from galvanized steel provides extra protection for you and your immovable properties in order to make stable front coatings.

You can use our solid perforated metal sheets, which we design and produce in different ways according to their usage areas, in different areas you wish. Our perforated metal sheeta models, which can be adapted to various and different projects and requests, also attract attention with economical price options in the market. The pricing of our products may vary according to the model, brand and technical features of the product you choose. However, among the products we offer you, there are products with unique, strong and high quality designs that can appeal to different budgets.

The Use of Perforated Metal Sheet in Exterior Structures

The clarity and reflections brought by metal have started to gain more importance and use in terms of its use in outdoor architecture and decorations
in large areas and visual quality.

Especially in the exterior building supports of new era building architectures, metal cuts of different types, thicknesses and qualities, which are started to be used together with green color textures, become very spectacular structures in terms of design when they are integrated with the depths created by the holes. With the support of wooden products, creating both a natural appearance and support for the main structure begins to increase the value of the building.

How to Choose Perforated Metal Sheets?

When choosing perforated metal sheets to be used in your projects or in the areas you want, you should pay attention to the reliability of the company that produces it in the first step. When you choose trustworthy companies, you will have better quality and durable products that you can use for a long time. By choosing companies that receive positive feedback from the customers of the companies, you can bring speed, reliability and quality products to your projects and requests.

We continue to serve our valued customers at all times, with the pride of being in this sector for many years with high quality, reliability and experience.

According to the areas where perforated metal sheets are used, environmental factors should not be ignored. By choosing the perforated metal sheets models designed to be resistant to environmental factors for your projects, the possibility of experiencing any problems in intensive use is considerably reduced.

You can upgrade your projects to a more reliable and durable level by choosing perforated metal sheets produced by our expert and experienced team. Perforated metal sheets can be used in architectural and decorative fields with different holes that can be round, as well as square or hexagonal. Perforated sheet metal varieties, which attract more attention in terms of architecture, are also preferred in order to modernize and add value to any space or large area. You can find all the technical information about our perforated sheet metal types and products on our site.

We share with you perforted metal sheets's technical information such as the distance between centers of our perforated sheet product models, weight, space ratio, width and length dimensions, hole diameter and the material we use in production and we help you easily choose the product model that best suits your needs for your project. For large areas such as front cladding, you can analyze the product range we produce for the filling coating system in detail on our website.

You can make your architectural projects much more aesthetic and good looking with our metal plate types with different designs and perforated metal
sheet models. You can contact us at any time to get information about our product wide
range and products.

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