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Expanded Metal Mesh Facade

One of the most preferred facade coating applications is expanded metal mesh facade systems. Expanded metal mesh façade systems, which have excellent air and light transmission thanks to their special hollow texture, can easily be used in many different areas and add value to the area they are used.

We offer a wide range of different options for you, by using a variety of mesh sizes. Expanded metal mesh façade systems, designed with different mesh dimensions, can be used as suspended ceiling applications as well can be preferred for facade cladding. Especially in suspended ceiling systems, these special systems can be activated when electrical installation systems and mechanical systems need to be hidden.

The advantages of expanded metal mesh systems include some features such as being extremely modern in appearance in line with meeting the maximum expectation of durability. Metal mesh systems, which are produced by using different metal materials such as aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel, can also generate great results when used to modernize spaces. Have a look immediately at our product models that exhibit high strength.

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