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Expanded Metal Mesh Fence Barristers

As ANB Metal; We produce expanded metal mesh fence barriers by the process of expanding the requested thickness of sheet metal plates in the requested eye range. Our expanded metal mesh fence barriers, which do not have any welding, joining or assembly process during the production phase, are much more robust and economical products compared to similar products due to their single-piece structure.

As ANB Metal; The expanded metal mesh fence barriers we produce are of great interest because they are extremely durable and extremely resistant to impacts and have light transmittance properties. Our expanded metal mesh fence barriers stand out as they have a stylish and simple appearance and can be applied practically. 

Our expanded metal fence systems, which are produced using different metal materials and have a much stronger visual effect by being colored at the same time, can be used without any problems for many years. These systems, which can be easily preferred in humid environments, also show high resistance to corrosion. To get perfect results in wide and open areas and to add value to your projects, examine our products now. 

No matter how easy it is to apply to any space, it is considered one of the most ideal fence barrier options because it is easy to disassemble and clean. Many models are designed to offer different pore sizes and are available for you to explore. You can contact us immediately to get information about the products.

What is The Production Features Of Expanded Metal Mesh Fence Barriers? 

As ANB Metal; We produce our expanded metal mesh fence barriers products with the raw material, size and mesh size required by your project. After cutting and bending operations from expanded metal fence panels, we deliver it to our valued customers to fully meet the needs of the application area. After our expanded metal products are produced with sheet thickness, mesh and slice thickness adjusted in accordance with the permeability and durability needs, we deliver them to our customers by performing the required shaping processes (cutting and bending processes). 

All of our expanded metal mesh fence barriers can be produced from stainless steel, they can be delivered ready-to-install with hot-dip galvanized, electro galvanized or electrostatic powder coated, and can be delivered uncoated to our customers if desired. 

What Are The Usage Areas Of Expanded Metal Mesh Fence Barriers?

As ANB Metal; Our quality expanded metal mesh fence barriers, which we produce with the awareness of being a knowledgeable and well-equipped company of our sector, are used in many areas. Some of those; 

  • Steel Platform Systems
  • Steel Stairs and Step Systems
  • Barrier and Railing Systems
  • Steel construction
  • Crushing, Screening and Treatment Plants, Industrial Facilities,
  • Mining Industry, Dam and Power Plants
  • GSM Base Stations, Lighting and Billboards
  • Fence Systems, Firewalls, Decorative and Acoustic Panels
  • Security Fencing 

The expanded metal mesh fence panels we produce can also be used in areas such as prisons, mental hospitals, etc. that require high security. 

Our Expanded Metal Mesh Fence Barriers are specially designed to minimize installation time and installation cost. It can also be widely used in various buildings, offices, shopping malls and so on. High visibility and protection features will greatly benefit you and your project.

Using advanced manufacturing technology and equipment to ensure the best Expanded Metal Mesh Fence Barriers quality, our company offers a variety of products in different sizes to meet your specific requirement. 

Why Do You Need To Choose Us?

  • We offer the best quality products at the best price in the market.
  • We provide national and international service.
  • We produce in accordance with high quality standards.
  • We make fast and high quality production.

The fence systems that we designed for your safety are produced in high quality standards and promise the comfort of use for many years with its durable structure. These highly decorative designs create effective touches in your outdoor spaces with their aesthetic form. You can visit our page to get detailed information about price and variety. You can contact our company immediately to achieve a safe and modern stance in your living spaces.

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