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Expanded Metal Mesh Grill

Expanded metal grill is made from expanded metal sheet, which is manufactured not many wires but a single piece of metal. Aluminum is silver-colored, ductile and low density that finds use in a wide variety of commercial applications. We offer different sizes of aluminum expanded metal. Fiinished powder coated or chromed. So it has high strength and no break or welds. It is perfect for radiator grilles and air vents of all cars and trucks.

Our products are sold in various patterns and widths. You can benefit from our capabilities and complete pattern products. Expanded panels are more rigid than perforated panels and are for use when structural stability is important. They can be formed and welded; however, they are more difficult to cut than perforated panels. 

Raised panels have strands that overlap to provide a skid-resistant surface. A wide variety of expanded metal grill grates options are available to you. The openings formed in fabricating process allow air, sound, light and heat to pass through.We make designs suitable for the areas you use. You can reach practically all technical information about the product models we offer on our site. 

When you look at the information such as hole diameter, distance between centers, thickness, weight, width and length dimensions, you can identify the product model that best suits your needs. What makes aluminum expanded metal popular is that it's economical and versatile. 

We have been incredibly happy with the result of our hard work. Our application team works from concept to finished product. They understand our creative needs and objectives in order to meet your service requirements. 

Our main objective is to continuously exceed customer’s expectations by providing high-quality, precision products, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and exceptional customer service. From raw material inspection to finished product, Anb Metal maintains stringent quality control systems to ensure compliance to all specifications. We have been trying to do whatever we can to satisfy our customers with our advanced facilities and technology. 

Our large application team works with computer aided programs in order to ensure best service to customers. Deadlines of your projects are of your own best interest and we assure all customers not to worry about delivery times. Neither the client nor contractor want delays in a project that inevitably costs time and money. We pay a lot of attention to project planning. Planning is an essential component of project management and the biggest defense against cost overruns and delays.

“We don’t just sell products, we sell the experience!” 

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