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Expanded Metal Mesh Suspended Ceiling

When you need a modern, stylish and durable suspended ceiling system, you can immediately turn your route into expanded metal mesh suspended ceiling systems. An extremely stylish architectural solution, suspended ceiling systems can be used in any desired area and exhibits high strength. These systems provide excellent results in terms of light and air permeability and add value to the space.

Expanded metal mesh suspended ceiling systems, which can be easily used in large areas such as hospitals, workshops and shopping centers, can offer different mesh spacing options. We offer you the opportunity to examine many different models together in order to make choices appropriate to your needs or tastes. All product models are robust and reliable.

These non-combustible and impact-resistant systems are distinguished by their extremely strong visual impact. At the same time, the sound-absorbing feature and concealed electrical installation on the ceiling are among the advantages of expanded metal mesh suspended ceiling systems. All of our products also meet the expectation of easy installation.

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