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Expanded Metal Mesh Suspended Ceiling

Expanded metal is an extremely versatile material. It is available in a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as a wide range of mesh sizes.

Although there are standard designs, what makes our process so versatile is the pattern variations you can choose from. These patterns can be specified to achieve whatever characteristics are most critical for your specific applications.

Expanded metal is a plate or sheet that has been cut and stretched into a mesh. Stretching the metal results in a mesh with diamond-shaped spaces – although many other patterns can be created.

The pattern of the mesh can either be staggered or in a straight pattern with all rows and columns aligned. The proportion of open area determines the amount of space for the passage of air, water and light, and will vary according to the intended application of the expanded metal.

What are the benefits of Expanded Metal ?

  • Cost-effective: A small quantity of metal can be stretched into a large piece.
  • Efficient Process: Very little waste when manufacturing and processing expanded metal mesh.
  • Good conductor: It can be an excellent conductor of electricity, magnetic flux and heat.
  • High strength: Expanded metals support weight and withstands stress better than woven metals or jointed welds.

Expanded metal demonstrates many advantageous properties that suit it for use in different applications. For example, it allows air and light to flow through freely, it can be used to help or hinder acoustic transfer.

Expanded Metal Ceilings

Expanded metal ceilings are available with a wide range of surface finishes, creating a unique look. Options include open cell or closed panels and a large range of mesh designs. They are flexible and easy to dismount for access and maintenance work. 

They are available in lay-in, hook-on, swing-down or drop-and-slide versions, with slim frame or monolithic appearance. The most common metals used for expanded metal sheets include steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. 

Ceiling Panels

Ceiling panels can be used in any room of your home, from your kitchen or bathroom, shower, wet room to bedrooms and playrooms. Ceilings are considered the ‘fifth wall’ that covers as much space as flooring, making them an essential factor in architectural work and interior design. ANB Metal’s cladding panels are quick and easy to install, creating an attractive finish at a great price.

The range is offered in a variety of colours, shapes and other options making it suitable for various applications. ceiling tiles are designed with high sound-absorbing glass fibres to control unwanted noise in interior spaces.The decorative cloud panels are ideal for call centres, offices, corridors, schools, halls, gymnasiums and cafes.

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